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The beginning of a healthier mouth and more beautiful smile begins with an initial examination. This first appointment evaluates whether or not there is a need for orthodontic therapy. Depending upon the type and severity of your particular problem we will follow you through periodic visits or advise you that corrective therapy is recommended. There is no fee for this initial service.


You can save time by printing and filling out our new patient forms. Bring them in with you to your initial visit.


Diagnostic Records


If corrective treatment is necessary, diagnostic materials are necessary in order to properly evaluate your particular problem. This enables us to determine the proper method for preventive or corrective therapy. These diagnostic records encompass:


  • Complete clinical examination
  • Digital models of your teeth
  • Photographs of your face and teeth
  • All necessary x-rays


After a thorough review of all diagnostic information we will meet with you and your family at your consultation appointment. There is a fee for taking diagnostic records.




At your consultation, Dr. Lopatkin will discuss your orthodontic diagnosis and describe your treatment options with the assistance of models and treatment simulation software. Dr. Lopatkin will outline an initial treatment plan, including an estimate of the fees, anticipated length of treatment, and payment options. Any questions you may have can best be answered in detail at this time.




Orthodontic treatment typically takes one to two years. Interceptive, early treatment (usually ages 7-10) may only take a few months. Treatment time ultimately depends on the severity of the problem, growth of the mouth and face and patient cooperation. Caring for the appliances and wearing elastics/headgear as instructed is key to finishing on time. Just as different people grow at different rates, some patients may respond to orthodontic treatment faster or slower than others.


At the start of your treatment, a longer appointment will be scheduled to allow for more time and attention to put on your braces. The appointments that follow will be approximately 4-8 weeks apart. Being that these appointments are critical to your treatment, missing them will prolong your treatment. We understand that circumstances happen and if you cannot keep your appointment time, please call our office. This will enable us to reschedule the correct amount of time needed to continue smooth uninterrupted treatment in as few visits as possible and to remain on schedule.


After active corrective treatment has been completed, you will receive retainers which are necessary to maintain your results. You will also be kept on periodic examination. This will continue from one to five years depending upon your original problem. This is done to continually monitor the stability of the results achieved; and to maintain these results in the best possible manner.


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