Wooden Nickel Incentive Program

In order to help our patients fulfill their treatment goals, we will give out

Wooden Nickels. At each visit, for every area of excellent cooperation, you may receive Wooden Nickels. The number of Wooden Nickels a patient may receive depends upon how well they have done at their appointment.


Once you've accumulated 20, 40, 50 or 60 Wooden Nickels, it's your choice to either, hold on to them or redeem them for a prize. Check often to see available prizes.


This is the way our office says "Thank you for being such a GREAT patient!" Patients will have the option of earning 1-3 Wooden Nickels at each scheduled appointment. (Emergencies DO NOT count).



  • Appointments: 1 nickel if you sign in within 10 minutes of scheduled appointment time
  • Home Care: 1 nickel for excellent oral hygiene-teeth, braces, tongue must be perfectly clean and healthy with NO plaque, food or debris. (Remember plaque causes white spots on teeth)
  • 1 nickel for cooperation with headgear or elastics.
  • Broken Appliances: 1 nickel if there are NO broken or loose braces.

Nickels are not give on any emergency visits. Lost nickels are not replaced.

Refer a patient and receive 40 nickels when the patient starts treatment.

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