Flouride Gel

Gel-Kam is a special fluoride application for your teeth and braces to help protect against cavities and white spots on the teeth and around the braces. We have noticed the beginnings of cavities or white spots on the teeth and want you to use this gel to limit any damage to the teeth. This product is only available through our office; it can not be purchased over the counter.

  • Please use as directed.

  • Use at night before bed.

  • Brush and floss your teeth first.

  • Rinse your mouth as needed and drink any water
    you may need before bed.

  • Place the gel on your brush and paint it on your teeth, spreading it all over the teeth and gums. Your tongue can help! Let it sit in your mouth without rinsing or spitting for five minutes, then spit out three times and leave the remaining gel on your teeth without any further rinsing. This allows the gel to soak into the enamel and protect the teeth.

  • Use the Gel-Kam each night until all the gel is gone. Please continue to brush at least three times a day for three minutes and floss at least once a day as directed.
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